40 Fantastic Job Sites and Search Engines for Entry Level Jobs

One of the hardest things about graduating is finding an entry level position that you can do. Many employers expect some level of experience, and that can be tough. You have finished school, or a professional program, and you want to be able to put that knowledge and those skills to work. That means finding a job.

Luckily, technology provides a chance for you to look for all sorts of job opportunities. There are job sites and search engines that can provide you with a number of different leads on jobs. Here are 40 jobs sites and search engines that can help you find employment:

Jobs in the Hard and Biological Sciences and Technology

You can visit job sites to find employment in specific science related fields. Look for entry level jobs in the hard and biological sciences and in technology.

  1. Science Careers: A great place to look for a variety of jobs from entry level to advanced positions. Start here for the job search in science and biotech.
  2. ScienceJobs.org: Put your best foot forward, looking for science jobs. You can look for entry level positions and more from this web site.
  3. New Scientist Jobs: Access a wide variety of job opportunities from New Scientist. Includes plenty of entry level positions in the sciences.
  4. BioSpace: Find out more about entry level positions in the biological sciences. Includes research positions and other first level positions.
  5. TechCareers: Search entry level jobs in technology and IT. It’s a starting point for finding technology careers in a number of fields.
  6. Dice.com: Get started with Dice.com to find jobs related to technology. It markets itself as a career hub, and you can use the search feature to find what you are looking for.
  7. TechJobs: Plenty of entry level opportunities for those working in the technology field. A great resource for the job hunt.
  8. ComputerJobs: You can get computer related jobs at an entry level, or find other types of jobs on this search web site.

Jobs in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Look for entry level positions in the arts, humanities and social sciences. These jobs can be interesting and fulfilling. Look at these jobs sites and search engines for help finding your preferred career path.

  1. ArtsHumanititesJobs.com: Find entry level positions in all areas of arts and humanities.
  2. SocialSciencesJobs.com: Looking for a good job in the social sciences? Find entry level positions by using this search site.
  3. Social Sciences Job Search Site: A look at different jobs available in various social sciences fields.
  4. Jobs in the Social Science Fields: Resources, job listings and more related to finding a job in the social sciences.
  5. PsychologyJobs: Look for entry level positions in psychology.
  6. Art Jobs: Find entry level positions related to the arts. Plenty of interesting opportunities all over the country.
  7. Americans for the Arts Job Bank: Helps you find jobs in the arts. A number of great opportunities for entry level applicants.
  8. ArtsOpportunities: Look for opportunities in the world of the arts.

Internships and Fellowships

Sometimes, the best entry level job is an internship or a fellowship. You can learn valuable skills and gain experience. You can also make good contacts. Sometimes, instead of getting a “regular” job, you can start with an internship or fellowship.

  1. NEH Internships: You can find internships with the National Endowment for the Humanities. A great start.
  2. Internships.com: The ultimate resource for entry level internships that can help you get your foot in the door.
  3. Internship Programs: Search different internships, and find opportunities to get in at the ground floor and make some good connections.
  4. Experience: Find internships, externships and entry level positions at this web site. A great resource for starting out as a career.
  5. CollegeRecruiter.com: Find entry level jobs and internships from this site designed to help you find your first work experience.
  6. About.com Internships: You can get great information on internships, as well as look for internships and get pointers on applying for internships.
  7. Internships: An entry level position with the U.N.? It doesn’t get much better than that. Use this site to start your career.
  8. MacArthur Fellows Program: Find a fellowship and make valuable contacts and gain good experience.
  9. Fellowships Office: The National Academies offers a number of fellowship opportunities to various students interested in a good first job.

Research Jobs and Assistantships

If you are interested in the world of academic jobs, you can apply for a research job or an assistantship. These entry level positions can be helpful in developing skills, as well as making good connections. These sites can help you find research jobs and assistantships, including post doc opportunities.

  1. Clinical Research: A job site aimed at those interested in doing clinical research. Find a good entry level position.
  2. Research Network: A great place to find an entry level job in research.
  3. GreenBook: Market research job resource for those looking for research jobs.
  4. FindAPostDoc: One way you can get experience as a Ph.D. graduate is to get a post doc. This site can help you.
  5. PostDoc Jobs: Look for your first job as a post doc. A great way to gain experience, prove yourself, and network.
  6. Jobs for PhDs: This resource from PhDs.org can help you find your first job out of graduate school. Includes plenty of post doc opportunities as well.
  7. Faculty/research: Search for research jobs at universities using the Chronicle of Higher Education web site.

General Job Search Web Sites

Finally, it might be a good idea to look on more general web sites. Many of the “big” players in terms of job listings offer access to a number of entry level positions. Here are some places to try as part of your job search.

  1. Monster.com: One of the best places to start a search for an entry level job.
  2. CareerBuilder: Another good place to start when looking for entry level positions.
  3. Glassdoor.com: Find out about different jobs, positions, and what’s available.
  4. Indeed: A great job search engine that can help you find access to many different jobs.
  5. Simply Hired: Millions of jobs, many of them entry level positions.
  6. Beyond.com: This is a great resource if you are looking for a specific career niche.
  7. Craigslist: Find out about different job openings in your area — and other areas — from Craigslist.
  8. Hound: Another job search web site that can help you with an entry level position.

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