Bachelor of Science

“A website devoted to the promotion of study of the sciences.”

BachelorOfScience.com is designed to promote the study of the sciences among students considering obtaining a bachelor degree. The United States is facing a dramatic impending shortage of individuals with a science background. From developments in medicine, engineering, to the hard sciences such as chemistry and biology, US students are in great numbers abandoning the study of science for fields such as business and liberal arts.

Recognizing that the first step in a career in the field of science is a Bachelor of Science degree, this site is devoted to explaining students college and degree options, the exciting careers available to bachelor of science degree holders, and other reasons why obtaining a BS degree today is a smart choice both for the individual and for our nation.

Your Webmaster Beatrice Owen

A former lab technician with Exxon’s  polymer labs division for over 30 years, Beatrice now retired, now maintains BachelorOfScience.com as well as substitute teaches. She is committed to the belief that education opens doors, and that the future of our nation remaining the innovation hub of the world is directly tied to the quality and number of students obtaining a quality degree in the sciences.

Goals of Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science strives to create the most unbiased and comprehensive resource about bachelor of science programs. Our goal is to provide this resource to students so that they fully understand the benefits of obtaining a BS degree, and understand the nuances between different types of degrees and the relative costs and benefits.


Beatrice can be reached via email at contact %at% bachelorofscience %dot% com. She welcomes your comments questions and feedback.