Was it all a hoax? The Top 10 Moon Landing Conspiracy Blogs

Over the past four decades, there have been plenty of theories that the 1969 Moonwalk was a hoax, conspiracy, Hollywood spoof; you name it. Whether or not this has proved to be true, these Top Ten Moon Landing Conspiracy Articles have theorized that this moonwalk was not in fact a small step for man. These ten articles stood out amongst the thousands out there, whose authors also do not believe that this was NASA’s genuine giant leap for mankind. If you are interested in this topic (whether or not you’re a believer), check out these articles to see the background information, theories, facts, and supposed proofs as to how this event did not actually occur. Forty-two years later, are well all still believing a lie? Read these articles and see what you think!

Moon Landing Conspiracy Articles: You be the judge.

  1. Squidoo – Squidoo has an interesting blog post on why this author believes that the 1969 moon walk was a hoax. With many reasons to back up this argument, this writer uses many scientific and image-proven facts to get this point across. The article is broken down into the following categories, and is able to give evidence for each topic: 1960’s Technology, Time Frame, Photographic evidence analysis, Astronauts on wires, footage we weren’t meant to see, and so on. If you like reading articles that make you question your once strong beliefs, take a gander!

  2. Moon Hoax News – Moon hoax News is a blog dedicated to covering the latest in the hoax’ news over the years. Running since 2007, this site is dedicated to these beliefs. This site encouarges readers to delve into their own investigations of the hoax. Covering current issues about the Obama administration to modern day UFO spottings, this blog’s range of topics will keep you browsing.

  3. The Conspiracy Behind The Apollo Space Mission – This basic article written by Greg Scott, from the archives of articlebase.com, throws out the obvious (and not so obvious questions to those who are new to the topic) questions such as: Is there a breeze on the Moon? What Happened to the Stars? Keeping it simple, Greg states that it is only fair to be equally critical to both sides of the argument, and “like most conspiracy theorists, proponents of the hoax theory use lots of faulty evidence and misleading pseudo-science.”

  4. World History Blog – The World History Blog covers it all from the beginning (by all, we mean history.) A great source for any historical data or questions, this particular post stands out as “NASA Admits Moon Landing was a Hoax.” Intelligent questions are posed: “Was it for funding? Was it about beating the Soviets in the Cold War? Maybe the idea was to entertain people.” While most other NASA officials have denied these rumors since the beginning, this article will make you think twice about what you used to believe.

  5. Poop – Darryl Cunningham does a phenomenal job displaying images, photos, and comics from the past 40 years since the hoax may or may not have occurred. On this 40th anniversary post, Cunnigham has done a great job sparking questions, commentary, and debate on the topic from his commenting followers! Check out the comments section to see how people react to the humorous or truthful comics at hand.

  6. Patrick K. Phillips – Patrick Phillips’ neutral article focuses on the photographic images produced by NASA. There have been many arguments that the photographs and wind occurrences were unnatural. The lighting in the article suggests that the sun was part of the image at hand. Patrick does a great job explaining in further detail why the myth is still at stake, or why it has been squashed.

  7. Atlantean Conspiracy – The Atlantean Conspiracy is a blog that exposes the Global Conspiracy, from Atlantis to 2012. This particular post pins the Moonwalk hoax specifically to the Masons. The author goes on to name numerous astronauts who were all a part of this group as well (unknown if these astronauts really were Masons.) From the impossible Van Allen Belt, to extension cords across the moon, this author has laid out many personal points of view as to why the moon landing was in fact a hoax. Whether or not this was a hoax, the author, Eric Dubay, has provided endless facts as to why he believes this was a hoax.

  8. My Science – My Science provides a unique blog post in that it is in the form of videos from Dr Hendry, a senior Lecturer in Astronomy in the school of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Glasgow. While posing this question, the lecturer will surely have you questioning whether the landing was real or not. As an expert in his field, he has studied this myth (or was it a myth?) for decades.

  9. Skull Bones Park – This short but potent article is a recent recap of costs and motives for the Apollo landing. This author has done a lot of research, and parallels the 1969 NASA to modern day NASA. Lastly, there is a nice response section, “10 Responses” to the author’s posed question: Apollo Moon Landing Fake?

  10. Dangerous Creations – Were we duped? That is the question Dangerous Creations has posed to the readers of this blog. This self-proclaimed “controversial, philosophical blog” offers a forum for peaceful people who want to discuss hot topics. This hoax believer has a well-written article that claims that “if the whole exercise had been such a success surely the victorious Americans would have continued with this activity.” Continuing reading this article for mire interesting facts as to why this may have been a hoax.

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