What Types of Jobs are Available With a Bachelor of Science Degree?

A bachelor of science degree program typically focuses more on math and science, or, in some cases, professional studies (as opposed to a bachelor of arts, which focuses more on humanities-related topics). The type of job you can get with a bachelor of science depends only our college major, as your courses could prepare you for everything from a job in business to a job in healthcare. Let’s explore some of your options with this type of degree:

Bachelor of Science Math Jobs

Interested in math? Some of the jobs open to you after you graduate with a bachelor of science in a math-heavy major include accounting, finance director, engineer, statistician, and mathematician. You can also check out academic jobs in this field, such as becoming a high school math teacher, and if you go on to get an advanced degree, you can teach at the college level.

Bachelor of Science Science Jobs

The type of science jobs available to you after graduating with a bachelor of science depend on the type of science you study. Some fields include healthcare, biology, physics, and chemistry. Specific jobs you can consider if you are interested in science include healthcare technician, nurse, lab director or assistant, chemist, veterinarian assistant, environmental scientist, meteorologist, geneticist, and engineer. Of course, you’re also able to pursue an academic career in this field as well.

Other Bachelor of Science Jobs

While math and science are the two general fields most common for bachelor of science students, there are other types of majors you can consider. These are generally more “professional” types of degrees available for those who want to get out in the practical workplace, and many have a bachelor of arts counterpart, which is meant for those who want to get into research or academia. Some common bachelor of science majors available outside of math and science include business, law, management, criminal justice, communications, education, and information technology. So, as you can see, your job opportunities are limitless. With this type of degree, you could work in a number of different fields, and if you go back to school to earn a master of science as well, you’ll open even more career doors.

Guide to Bachelor of Science Degrees

Kaplan University Kaplan University offers a wide range of bachelor of science degrees, accredited and available online and onsite. Online degrees provide the additional benefit of convenience because they can be worked on from any computer and can be completed at a pace that is comfortable to the student. These degrees can help students become a nurse as well enter other field in the health industry such as health science and nutrition science, become a business administrator or a healthcare administrator, advance their studies in psychology, or enter the fast moving technology industry with a BS in computer programming or information technology.
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Liberty University Liberty University provides excellent and accredited online bachelor of science degree programs that can be completed in a relatively short period of time and in an environment of your choosing - at school, on work breaks, or even at home. These degrees are focused on students who want to become a nurse, enter the psychology field of study, or start a career in business marketing.
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South University South University offers several accredited Bachelor of Science degrees in fields that are quickly growing and provide exciting opportunities. The online courses can be completed from home, school, or even on-the-go and provide flexible schedules to students. These degrees are for students who are interested in quickly entering the health science industry, become a nurse, enter the criminal justice field in either as a cyber crime specialist or a crime scene investigator, or become a healthcare manager.
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Southern New Hampshire University Southern New Hampshire University offers a practical and affordable option to higher learning available through online and campus courses. Their programs are designed for students who need a flexible schedule and the ability to complete assignments from any computer. SNHU offers classes who are interested in becoming accountants, sociologists, psychologists, finance agents, or enter Communications.
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Regis University Regis University offers accredited online bachelor of science degrees that focus on industry-driven curriculum that can be applied to real situations in the technology field. These degrees can help students launch a career in Psychology or enter the Criminal Justice field.
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